MozillaPL Releases Polish Versions of Mozilla 1.5 Beta and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2

Sunday September 7th, 2003

marcoos writes: " has just released a Polish version of the Mozilla Application Suite 1.5b. This release (like previous builds) comes bundled with mouse gestures and a nice tool for tweaking hidden preferences — MozTweak. Complete builds are available for Linux/i686 and Windows platforms. Users of other platforms (or those who already have Mozilla 1.5b, but without the Polish translation) can install Polish language, region and add-on packs. To download MozillaPL 1.5b, just go to the MozillaPL Releases Page.

" has also released a Polish version of the Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 mail and news client, available for Windows and Linux/i686. These two builds can be downloaded from the MozillaPL Releases Page."

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by fedetxf

Monday September 8th, 2003 8:29 AM

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Besides the US/Canada market is less likely to turn to mozilla *FASTER* than any other market in Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia. I think the better localizations mozilla has, with local content not just translations, the more non-us users it'll get. I love to see how nicely mozilla displays japanese, korean and hindi characters. Too bad that does not work in w98 as weel as in XP.