Project Orb Documentation Project Reaches Version 0.2

Friday September 5th, 2003

kguru writes: "Project Orb, the Mozilla documentation project, has released version 0.2. Since release 0.1 additional useful end user preference customizations are included, as well as several screenshots. The project is continuing to evolve in scope. Plans are in the works for a French language version of the project, as well as more information about Camino and Firebird. Due to several suggestions on improving the file format, this release is in HTML, distributed in a zip file for maximum efficiency on slow internet connections. You can download Project Orb release 0.2 at"

#2 status updates

by mlefevre

Saturday September 6th, 2003 5:21 PM

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Shouldn't this be in with the status updates? It's not "the" Mozilla documentation project, it's just "a" Mozilla documentation project. There are several, and this isn't the best of them...