Mozilla Recommended by Mainstream Media in Brazil and Denmark

Thursday September 4th, 2003

Marcelo Bastos wrote in to tell us that the major Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo recently recommended Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird. Google's automatic translation of the article is not brilliant but it's better than nothing.

Meanwhile, Bjarne D Mathiesen writes: "The Danish National Railroads has a monthly magazine called Ud & Se that's distibuted free of charge in every train and station in Denmark. In the September 2003 issue, they have an article about virii and the dangers associated with using IE and Outlook. They mention Mozilla as a very viable alternative."

In addition to recommending Mozilla's security and anti-spam capabilities, the article also features a more general piece about the browser and the project. Bjarne provides a translation, which we've edited slightly for clarity (note that there are some minor factual errors in the text): "Mozilla is a browser, that is a program that shows webpages just like Internet Explorer. The difference is that just by using Mozilla one gets rid of security holes. Not only can someone using Mozilla choose to get rid of all of those windows that are constantly popping up during surfing. Mozilla also contains an excellent email program protecting you from spam. If spam should get through you just push a button. Then Mozilla remembers that one doesn't at all like to receive email from that particular sender with exactly those contents and will block in the future. To top it off Mozilla is gratis and obeys the standards. Which means that it's easy to take secure copies of your email and that webpages that obey the World Wide Web Consortium specifications are shown correctly.

" arose in the wake of the fight between the giants over the browser market. In 1996 92% of all internet users used the browser Netscape. From 1996 and forward Microsoft spent millions of dollars on developing and marketing the browser Internet Explorer. In the summer of 2002 Internet Explorer was present on 95% of the machines that are on the net. During negotiations between Netscape and Microsoft, Netscape put part of their program code to the nerds on the net, who promply made lots of new browsers based on the foundations of the old Netscape. Mozilla became one of the most popular results because it can do almost anything and can be had for both Windows, Mac and Linux. Netscape is as well as dead, but Mozilla is todays best bid for a good browser. The browser takes up 11MB and can be downloaded from"

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Thursday September 4th, 2003 9:45 PM

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The article from the Estado de São Paulo list some features of Thunderbird but the junk mail controls is not mentioned :(