Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Released

Wednesday September 3rd, 2003

The second milestone of Mozilla Thunderbird,'s standalone mail and newsgroups client, has been released. Based on Mozilla 1.5 Beta, Thunderbird 0.2 features a redesigned Options dialogue, spell checker improvements, enhancements to the default theme and better performance and stability. Check out the Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Release Notes for more information and get a build from

#8 Re: Screenshots?

by dneighbo <>

Wednesday September 3rd, 2003 11:14 PM

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Here are some screenshots for you.

Options Dialog: <http://www.gnuenterprise.…tings_remove_htmlmail.png>

Composing New Email: <http://www.gnuenterprise.…v0.2_compose_new_mail.png>

Opening Screen: <http://www.gnuenterprise.…rbirdv0.2_open_screen.png>

Options->Advanced: <http://www.gnuenterprise.…v0.2_options_advanced.png>

Options->General: <http://www.gnuenterprise.…dv0.2_options_general.png>

Hope this helps some. I know that I was bummed I couldn't find screenshots when I was debating whether to install. :)