Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Released

Wednesday September 3rd, 2003

The second milestone of Mozilla Thunderbird,'s standalone mail and newsgroups client, has been released. Based on Mozilla 1.5 Beta, Thunderbird 0.2 features a redesigned Options dialogue, spell checker improvements, enhancements to the default theme and better performance and stability. Check out the Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Release Notes for more information and get a build from

#27 Concerns

by dneighbo <>

Thursday September 4th, 2003 5:20 PM

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--concern-- * "OpenPGP" and "S/MIME" labels for buttons in the toolbar will be nonsensical to most humans (they're important, but they should be translated into English -- though perhaps this is the fault of Enigmail, rather than Thunderbird?); --concern--

They are from Enigmail. I have been really impressed with Enigmail it does better at GNUPGP than about anything I have touched. Made a lot of user strides for making keys. HOWEVER, it blows goats you have to install it as a separate package to Thunderbird. :(

--concern-- * it still has a throbber (what does it think it is, a Web browser?) --concern--

I don't much like this either. It just feels wierd. However, it is removable.

--concern-- * the Advanced options panel is a mess (stray periods, excess indentation, confusing variance between using checkboxes for turning things off and using them for turning things on, and the "Passwords" text was written by someone at the Department of Redundancy Department) --concern--

Yes this is a chief complaint of most UI designs today. Inconsistency and redundancy. FWIW: This particular page is entiirely new (to my knowledge) and one reason I included screen shot of it.

--concern-- * no attempt, in the composition window _layout_, to reduce the frequency of common e-mail mistakes (forgetting to add an attachment and forgetting to specify a meaningful subject line). --concern--

I am curious to know how you would do a UI to prevent forgetting attachments, but it definitely could be useful. :)