First Issue of Mozilla Links Newsletter Sent Out

Tuesday September 2nd, 2003

Issue number one of the Mozilla Links bi-weekly email newsletter has been sent out to subscribers. The first issue is also available online. If you would like to subscribe to receive future editions, send a blank email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject line. The next issue is due to be sent out on Tuesday 16th September.

#12 Re: Re: Forget HTML, how about RSS?

by asa <>

Wednesday September 3rd, 2003 9:38 AM

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"I doubt the intended audience for the newsletter would have a clue about RSS. It's intended for a wider audience of Mozilla users that don't look at the various Mozilla websites and forums."

I think that it's silly to dismiss RSS as something that only Mozilla users visiting the various Mozilla websites and forums would use. RSS is slowly but surely replacing email and newsgroups as a mechanism for newsletter-like distribution. It costs virtually nothing and there are millions of users with RSS readers who don't want to subscribe to a mailing list and risk the spam, who don't already read Mozillazine or the other Mozilla information sources and would enjoy following Mozilla via an RSS feed.