MozillaZine is Five: 1998-2003

Monday September 1st, 2003

MozillaZine — 5 Years: 1998-2003 As you may have guessed from MozillaZine's retro look, today is our fifth anniversary! The site has come a lot further than any of us could imagine since 1998 and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past half decade. We've prepared a special fifth anniversary section for you to browse over.

We've enjoyed being at the heart of the Mozilla community and look forward to making MozillaZine even better as we head into the future. We hope you'll join us.

MozillaZine — 5 Years: 1998-2003

#19 Welcome to free captialism.

by pkb351 <>

Tuesday September 2nd, 2003 9:52 AM

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Red and orange IMHO should be used sparingly on the my tastes these colours make the site look amaturish and less professional. The "pastel shades" of green used are much better. The colours don't take front seat over the text, which is the most important aspect here.

Lokk at many popular sites set up by large companies on the internet, and unless they are aimed ata specific group such as 13-20 year olds as an example, are not designed with bright colours. Red and orange are birht colours.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:






At these sites the colour doesn't take over the content. In my opinion, the red and orange colour theme seriously detracts from the content.

But this is simply my opinion. [Now if only the lizzard and bird could find a new colour. ;) ]