'PC Pro' Columnist Recommends Mozilla Firebird

Saturday August 30th, 2003

jgraham writes: "The UK magazine PC Pro has a very positive article about Mozilla Firebird. In particular, the writer praises the fact that Firebird is standalone, and does not provide an unwanted mail client. He also appreciates the ability to add extra functionality through extensions. The article also goes on to mention the Mozilla Amazon Browser, and is enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by XUL based applications."

After a few minutes of browsing the PC Pro site, you'll be asked to register before being allowed to continue (registration is free). This requirement can be avoided by loading each page of the article in a separate tab or window (Mozilla is only discussed on the first three pages), or by disabling cookies. The article can also be found in PC Pro issue 108.

#4 Re: Strange Opera quote

by aldo_ <>

Sunday August 31st, 2003 5:30 AM

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In the actual magazine, there is a good paragraph 'introduction'. I've got the magazine so I just OCRed it:

"In my Review of Opera 7 a few months ago, I concluded that 'religously observing W3C standards can make a rocky real-world ride' and warned readers that 'many developers sing from a different hymn sheet, which becomes apparent as pages fall over or display oddly'. All of this meant I couldn't at the time recommend Opera as the winner of my mini-group test of tabbed browsers. Since then, I'm afraid to say things have got worse, to the point where I use Opera very little and recommend it to others even less."