Mozilla 1.5 Beta Released

Wednesday August 27th, 2003 has just released Mozilla 1.5 Beta. Amongst the usual improvements, there's a range of Mail & Newsgroups enhancements and a major ChatZilla update. This is also the first milestone to include a spellchecker. Grab a build from the Releases Page (or direct from and check out the Mozilla 1.5 Beta Release Notes for more information.

#59 Why append is better

by bmacfarland

Friday August 29th, 2003 12:06 PM

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I know the first three times I added tab groups, I did it without previous content, like a group of start up pages. That works fine in both ways. The first time I tried to do with tabs already open, I lost 3 e-mail, 2 web forms that I had mostly filled and a patridge in a pear tree. They couldn't be retrieved and I lost an hour easy of productivity. Now, I could see losing my current tab, I planned for that (with ctrl + T), because opening a bookmark will destory what's on your current page (but at least I could get it back with the back button).

The appending of tabs has never destroyed any time of my work. Even if I adjusted instantly to the destroying of the previous tabs, I don't think the replace vs. the append is going to save me an hour of productivity. Maybe, one is faster than the other, but it's hard to say.

With the replace method, if I want to simulate an append, I think I have to:

1. open up a new window 2. open the bookmark group 3. cut the url from the first window 4. press ctrl + T on the next window 5. paste the url 6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all tabs

(if there's a shorter way let me know.)

However if the default method is append, to duplicate a replace I have to:

1. Open a new window (ctrl + N) 2. Close my previous window 3. Open the bookmark group

It seems like the second way is easier. Why not have append be the default because it allows people to work both ways far easier than it does with the replace method?