Windows Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 Release Candidate

Wednesday August 27th, 2003

Scott MacGregor has declared this week's Mozilla Thunderbird build to be a 0.2 release candidate. Download the build (only available for Windows right now) from and find out more about future release plans in the Mozilla Thunderbird Roadmap.

Update: A Mac OS X release candidate is now available.

Another Update: A Linux build has also been released.

#4 Startup time down from 11 to 7 seconds

by rkl

Sunday August 31st, 2003 7:22 AM

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Noticing other people's posts, I hand-timed Thunderbird 0.1 vs. this 0.2 RC on a Win 98 SE system (beefy one though - 512MB RAM and 2.0 GHZ P4). The startup time after a cold reboot went down from 11 seconds to 7 seconds, which is impressive. One hopes, of course, that there's further room for improvement of startup time because on my system, most "small" apps (and I'd classify standalone e-mail clients as small apps) start up within 5 seconds.