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Saturday February 13th, 1999

From Henrik Lynggaarf, Bill Lynch, and Jedbro comes news of a nice Mozilla article at Please note that there is a mistake in the text: at this point, the Mozilla developers are not guaranteeing full CSS2 compliance by the first release. They are saying that they will have full CSS1 compliance, however, and I believe that what CSS2 implementation they do have (about 80% last time I heard) will be correctly handled.

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by mozineAdmin

Saturday February 20th, 1999 10:36 PM

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However, two things to consider...

One, the W3C does *no* credible challenging of their own recommendations by internal testing in real-world applications. Someone needs to do it. For example, if the w3c had tested the implementation of the x-height value, they would have realized that Windows does not provide adequate information for the calculation of x-height, which would quite possibly have altered specs in CSS2 (which they put out without *one* properly functioning implementation of CSS1).

Two, 80% compliance doesn't mean that the compliant parts do not work properly... It just means that there is currently around 80% of the spec implemented.