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Saturday February 13th, 1999

From Henrik Lynggaarf, Bill Lynch, and Jedbro comes news of a nice Mozilla article at Please note that there is a mistake in the text: at this point, the Mozilla developers are not guaranteeing full CSS2 compliance by the first release. They are saying that they will have full CSS1 compliance, however, and I believe that what CSS2 implementation they do have (about 80% last time I heard) will be correctly handled.

#1 Re:Nice Article on Mozilla at

by Mike

Friday February 19th, 1999 3:27 PM

Why even bother having partial CSS 2? It wouldn't be up to the latest standards then. CSS 1 is "old news" now. If they have 80% of CSS 2 done, they might as well finish it. Any comments?

#2 CSS2

by August Zajonc

Friday February 19th, 1999 3:43 PM

Agree with the above poster. Partial implementations of standards mean there is one more thing to watch out for... If users get 80% implementation they are unlikely to upgrade when full implementation comes out, meaning site developers like myself will go even battier... Support standards fully or don't bother. In the longer term the payoff will be better.

#3 Re:Nice Article on Mozilla at

by mozineAdmin

Saturday February 20th, 1999 10:36 PM

However, two things to consider...

One, the W3C does *no* credible challenging of their own recommendations by internal testing in real-world applications. Someone needs to do it. For example, if the w3c had tested the implementation of the x-height value, they would have realized that Windows does not provide adequate information for the calculation of x-height, which would quite possibly have altered specs in CSS2 (which they put out without *one* properly functioning implementation of CSS1).

Two, 80% compliance doesn't mean that the compliant parts do not work properly... It just means that there is currently around 80% of the spec implemented.