Ars Technica Mac OS X Browser Smackdown

Wednesday August 27th, 2003

Several readers got in touch with news that PC enthusiast site Ars Technica is running a Mac OS X browser comparison, in which four of the nine featured programs are Mozilla-based applications. The Mozilla Application Suite 1.4, Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1, Camino 0.7 and Netscape 7.1 are pitted against Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Safari 1.0, OmniWeb 4.5, iCab 2.9.5 and Opera 6.0.2. The Mozilla-based browsers fare well, though the author of piece laments the slow pace of Camino development, saying that it "would be the best OS X browser if it had feature parity with the other Gecko-based browsers."

#8 Look and Feel is important for Apple users

by abraham <>

Friday August 29th, 2003 4:12 AM

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The consistent GUI has always been one of the strongest selling point for the Mac, so I don't think it is surprising that counts for so much. And while gecko is better on all technical points, it is not devatingly better than Safari.

Rapid adaption and strong support are important as they mean you will be unlikely to have to learn to master a new browser in the foreseable future. Not everybody believes learning to use new tools is fun.