Ars Technica Mac OS X Browser Smackdown

Wednesday August 27th, 2003

Several readers got in touch with news that PC enthusiast site Ars Technica is running a Mac OS X browser comparison, in which four of the nine featured programs are Mozilla-based applications. The Mozilla Application Suite 1.4, Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1, Camino 0.7 and Netscape 7.1 are pitted against Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Safari 1.0, OmniWeb 4.5, iCab 2.9.5 and Opera 6.0.2. The Mozilla-based browsers fare well, though the author of piece laments the slow pace of Camino development, saying that it "would be the best OS X browser if it had feature parity with the other Gecko-based browsers."

#3 Good news!

by vramdal <>

Thursday August 28th, 2003 1:05 AM

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This has to be good news for Mozilla. An independant test that shows that it is even faster than Safari, and with better standard compliance and rendering than all other browsers. Good suggestions for improvements, too. I believe Firebird / Camino is not far away from being the author's "Frankenbrowser".