Project Orb Documentation Effort Launches

Tuesday August 26th, 2003

kguru writes: "Project Orb, a Mozilla documentation project has been launched. Project Orb intends to document to end users how to use and configure the Mozilla app suite, Mozilla Firebird, and Camino. The project is located at"

#7 Mozilla Help site

by Gunnar

Wednesday August 27th, 2003 5:46 AM

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Not that I want to push my site or anything ;-) , but <>

Already has FAQs and tutorials that describe how to install and configure Mozilla step-by-step (including screenshots and in many cases detailed explanations or links to them). And this is just my site. There are *many* others that offer help, FAQ and tutorials, as well.

I find it sad (to say the least) to start a project whose goal it is to provide end-user documentation for Mozilla without even knowing what is already out there. A quick Google search for "Mozilla help" or even a quick look at Mozilla's own end user documentation page might have been a good idea.

An excellent site that contains links to many Mozilla-related sites is: <>