Project Orb Documentation Effort Launches

Tuesday August 26th, 2003

kguru writes: "Project Orb, a Mozilla documentation project has been launched. Project Orb intends to document to end users how to use and configure the Mozilla app suite, Mozilla Firebird, and Camino. The project is located at"

#2 Re: The obvious question...

by AndyB

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 7:44 PM

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As I found out the hard way, it is and it isn't... I originally started the documoz project on mozdev a few months ago thinking of doing something similar, and perhaps producing some sort of help extension besides the usual help file. Within a few days, I came across the mozilla book project, a firebird help page on the wishlist project, and many non-mozdev documentation pages, and the tipbar project was soon after launched to provide a help extension. (Since then I've been a little busy and not so inspired as in the time between starting the project and finding all these scattered resources)

In fact, quite a few mozdev projects have help pages on at least one special topic, like translation or help installing and understanding what the extension is. So, next time I have a chance, I'd like to modify the documoz project by making it not the catch-all documentation site, but instead for now a collection of links to as many documentation sites as possible, because right now there's a lot of stuff out there that people miss- some good for one topic, some good for another. Can anyone suggest a few links I could add, with brief description of quality/coverage?