Bugzilla Moving to a Fast New Server

Monday August 25th, 2003

Bugzilla,'s bug tracking system, is moving to a new server, hosted by Those who spend a lot of time using Bugzilla will be pleased to hear that this new server should be much faster. Apart from the performance improvements, the upgrade should not be noticeable, but if you do come across any problems, file a bug report. If the issue is so severe that you can't even submit a bug, email

#1 Nice!

by thomasz44l

Monday August 25th, 2003 8:39 PM

Very fast now... awesome.

#4 Nice

by jrobbio

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 8:03 AM

Yes noticeably quicker. Rock on!

#2 Hardware specs

by wolruf

Monday August 25th, 2003 10:14 PM

any details on the hardware specs ? Just curious that donations can improve this server more (by buying more memory, upgrading network devices for e.g.).

#3 Re: Hardware specs

by mcbridematt

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 1:43 AM

Well... its running Red Hat Linux instead of Solaris, which is found on most of the Netscape (and Mozilla) servers.

Perhaps they can upgrade komodo (which holds lxr) :) Searching lxr is a pain in the ass some times.

There are some pics of the older Solaris servers at .

#5 Re: Re: Hardware specs

by mykmelez

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 9:30 AM

We're moving all services to fast new machines, so you should shortly see improvements in LXR as well.

#6 Re: Hardware specs

by mykmelez

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 9:32 AM

The machine is a Compaq ML370 with two 2.8GHz hyperthreaded Intel Xeon processors, 4GB RAM (the maximum I think for 32-bit processors), six 72GB hard drives, and a 100Mbit network card.

#7 Re: Re: Hardware specs

by wolruf

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 11:15 AM

thanks for these details ! I guess the kernel may recognize this as a quad-CPU. :) About 32-bit processors, Xeon can get 16GB with this Intel chipset: Linux 2.6 kernel can take advantage of 64GB RAM: FreeBSD is on his way too: It seems the ML370 can go up to 12GB RAM:

#8 Re: Re: Re: Hardware specs

by Matti

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 6:46 PM

But you get more than 4Gb only with a ugly hack and this memory access behind 4GB is slow. (it's like EMM in DOS).

You need such a nice opteron systems for more than 4GB (without this hack.)