Spanish Mozilla Firebird Tutorials

Monday August 25th, 2003

Diego Martín Lafuente wrote in to tell us about his collection of Spanish Mozilla Firebird tutorials. The screenshot-filled guides, which include some content translated from Mozilla Firebird Help, provide an extensive introduction to the standalone browser. In addition, Diego has also started a three-part course that encourages non-Mozilla users to try Mozilla 1.4 for a day (only the first part is online at present).

#1 Great!

by algarcianet

Monday August 25th, 2003 8:48 PM

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Great! It's a very good idea for promote Mozilla to Spanish speakers.

Here is two links to Spaniard resources:

Proyecto NAVE, translation of products into Spanish es-ES


MozES, Translation of Mozilla documentation into Spanish


Mozilla Spanish channel on moznet ( is #mozilla-es


#2 Great job :-)

by MTO

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 8:28 AM

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Great Spanish tutorials. really good. Seguid así, buen trabajo.

#3 More Spanish resources

by corwin

Tuesday August 26th, 2003 10:51 AM

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By the way, I take this opportunity to advertise other Spanish mozilla ressources :

- <> Forums about Mozilla and web design similar to Mozillazine forums

- <> FAQ about Mozilla Suite in Spanish

- <> Peer to peer support Mailing list

We also need volonteers for Tech-Evangelism on the Spanish Component, more details there : - <…te/component-spanish.html>