Germany's 'Der Spiegel' Magazine Records Increase in Use of Mozilla and Netscape

Sunday August 24th, 2003

According to Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, Mozilla's usage share may be rising (rough English translation courtesy of AltaVista's Babel Fish). In an article about the latest set of Internet Explorer security flaws, the German newsweekly reports that out of 125 million accesses to their website, 15.1% came from users of Mozilla and Netscape, a notable increase since the releases of Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer usage appears to have declined, with the browser from Redmond now accounting for 83.8% of page requests. Thanks to albano, Julian and Carl Watling for the news.

#22 Different views

by jedbro

Monday August 25th, 2003 10:58 AM

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Like blake says, everyone has different needs and uses from a browser. So i find it really hard to believe when you say that MFB is "Lacking usefull features", I believe that Mozilla Seamonkey is the one lacking here, but that is my personal view point.

What I think you fail to realize is that Extensions are the answer to your problems, find mozilla/FB lacking? Get the functionallity from an extension. Almost all of the extensions at are working, and if you run into one that doesn't, let us know and we'll either remove it or contact the author for you.

Thirdly, while this is a matter of personal opinion. I find it great that I can hang around with my perfect chosen nightly build of my browser, stay with it as long as I want, and still be able to get the latest improvments of the mail client (thanks to thunderbird) without having to upgrade my browser counter part.