RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company Launches Range of Mozilla Coffees

Friday August 22nd, 2003

Ronald J. Tarpley writes: "RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company has dedicated a special selection of gourmet coffees to help benefit The Mozilla Foundation. Owner, Ron Tarpley is a self described 'Mozilla Geek' and heavy coffee drinker so the marriage between the two seemed natural. Mozilla users simply go to and select a coffee. All of the 'Lizard Coffees' are 100% Arabica beans and are carefully micro-roasted in small batches. RJ Tarpley's will split half the profit on all orders directly to The Mozilla Foundation. Tarpley points out that if someone would like to choose another selection from his site that is not on the Mozilla page to simply put a note in the comments to support Mozilla and The Foundation will get the credit. 'I think this will be a great fundraiser for the foundation because I know that the folks who spend a lot of time on the computer drink a lot of coffee. Mitchell [Baker], Bart [Decrem] and the rest of the people runnning The Foundation will do a great job, so I hope this program will help them out.' Drink Up!"

#1 Genius.

by minid <>

Friday August 22nd, 2003 5:07 AM

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I like this. Last night i was dreaming i was a rock star and i made a rock video that was starred at MTV and i was wearing a mozilla shirt... Mozilla needs big support from popular fanatics, like Apple does.