Unofficial Mozilla Shop Deutschland Launches

Wednesday August 20th, 2003

JensB writes: "Mozilla fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland no longer need to order their shirts via the US company CafePress (Mozilla Activism) and pay for expensive trans-Atlantic shipping. I signed up with the German service spreadshirt to create Mozilla Shop Deutschland, which has significantly lower prices. Basic shirts start at only €13.90, and about €0.80 from each shirt will be donated to the Mozilla Foundation. More info is available at the shop's about page (in German)."

#9 Re: Re: Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by Morpheus_

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 8:52 PM

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I dont think this is something to take personally; this person just doesn't like Cafepress and would like an alternative. I think its, in a way, similar to someone's argument against Paypal. I dont think they were accusing you of anything; perhaps you should explain yourself more fully.