Unofficial Mozilla Shop Deutschland Launches

Wednesday August 20th, 2003

JensB writes: "Mozilla fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland no longer need to order their shirts via the US company CafePress (Mozilla Activism) and pay for expensive trans-Atlantic shipping. I signed up with the German service spreadshirt to create Mozilla Shop Deutschland, which has significantly lower prices. Basic shirts start at only €13.90, and about €0.80 from each shirt will be donated to the Mozilla Foundation. More info is available at the shop's about page (in German)."


by sime

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 7:28 AM

This is just a german version of cafepress yeah? Cause like from here they just look like super-imposed mozilla logo's.

#13 Re:

by Jens_B

Thursday August 21st, 2003 2:05 AM

As I don't own a Mozilla shirt made from Cafepress, I can't compare the products themselves, but overall it's the same thing.

#2 My suggestions for "Items" and "Logo" (in GERMAN)

by peterlairo

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 9:19 AM

eine tolle idee, diese sachen auch in deutschland anzubieten. Hier ein paar vorschläge:

Fruit of the Loom Poloshirt - dann kann ich es auch ins büro tragen.

Kaffeeetasse - das muss einfach dabei sein.

Die logos finde ich nicht optimal. Vor allem der stern ist vom weiten zu kommunistisch. Besser wäre das logo auf der neuen mozilla webseite (dino-kopf + "mozilla" text). Dann würde ich mir schon eher ein T-shirt, tasse oder polo-hemd kaufen. ;-)

#5 Re: My suggestions for "Items" and "Logo" (in GERM

by rwc

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 12:09 PM

> Fruit of the Loom Poloshirt - dann kann ich es auch ins büro tragen.

Hört, hört!

#7 Re: My suggestions for "Items" and "Logo" (in GER

by Gunnar

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 4:01 PM

Kaffetasse - ein absolutes muss.

Zum Thema Stern: Ooch, ich finde ihn eigentlich ganz cool :-)

#10 Kommunismus???

by Jens_B

Thursday August 21st, 2003 1:31 AM

Gute Idee, ich habe gestern abend noch Poloshirts in den Shop aufgenommen. Für die Kaffeetasse muss ich erstmal eine neue Bilddatei hochladen (die Vektordatei geht nur für Flockdruck).

Was den Kommunismus angeht: Der Stern hat m.E. nichts damit zu tun. Höchstens, wenn auch eine Sichel dabei wäre, würde ich ihn damit verbinden. Im übrigen handelt es sich bei der zugrunde liegenden geometrischen Form um ein Pentagramm, und das gibt es schon Jahrhunderte länger als den Kommunismus (kommt mir jetzt nicht mit Dämonen und Hexen-Zusammenhang :-)

Außerdem ist der Stern auch in about: (Help/About Mozilla) zu sehen.

Ich werde aber dennoch Alternativ-Versionen mit dem Dino-Kopf aufnehmen, ist vielleicht einfach Geschmackssache.

#3 Not as much money goes to Mozilla this way

by redvine

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 10:27 AM

For what it is worth, that price for the t-shirt is roughly equal to the cost of a t-shirt at the US site, and you of course do get to save on the international shipping etc., but the amount of money the Mozilla organizations gets is significantly lower. A t-shirt at CafePress is $15.99 of which $2.00 goes to Mozilla; your prices at Mozilla Shop Deutschland covert to roughly $15.44 of which only $0.84 goes to Mozilla. Not that it isn't a good idea to have a German Mozilla products site, just that it would be nice if an equal amount of revenue went to Mozilla per product if possible.

#11 Re: Not as much money goes to Mozilla this way

by Jens_B

Thursday August 21st, 2003 1:58 AM

Unfortunately, this is not possible without raising the article price. Spreadshirt charges EUR 12.90 ($14.33) for the shirt itself including printing costs. Shop owners can freely define how much commission they want to earn. I decided to set this to EUR 1 ($1.11), reduced by 16% taxes (Mehrwehrtsteuer, equivalent of Value Added Tax) and my own share of EUR 0.05, the rest is about EUR 0.81 ($0.90) which goes to Mozilla.

I think having a low price is more important than donating a maximum to the Foundation. After all, people can additionally donate via Paypal if they want to!

#14 Re: Re: Not as much money goes to Mozilla this way

by peterlairo

Thursday August 21st, 2003 2:41 AM

> I think having a low price is more important than donating a maximum to the Foundation. After all, people can additionally donate via Paypal if they want to!

I think that is very good reasoning. I fully agree. It is more important to make the mozilla name *visible* by making the articles more affordable.

#4 Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by PaulBe

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 10:34 AM

This looks good ! According to my research/experience, CafePress is from/for crooks/swindlers/cheaters. So, it is good to have an alternative. The logo, and the text "" are not language-dependent - So, if you are interested in Mozilla-shirts etc. - Why not go with Mozilla Shop D. I recommend to everyone - not to work with CafePress.

#8 Re: Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by ryanbroken

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 4:50 PM

congrats on the german site, but that hurts to call me a cheat. what do you want me to do? post how much profit has been made and where the money will be donated? don't blame me because you feel you had one bad experience with cafepress.

#9 Re: Re: Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by Morpheus_

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 8:52 PM

I dont think this is something to take personally; this person just doesn't like Cafepress and would like an alternative. I think its, in a way, similar to someone's argument against Paypal. I dont think they were accusing you of anything; perhaps you should explain yourself more fully.

#15 Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by PaulBe

Thursday August 21st, 2003 2:50 AM

Sorry, <ryanbroken>, i was not attacking you. I should have been more carefull in my wording. I owe you an explanation on my stand re CafePress: In March this year i received several spam messages asking me to "sign" an internet petition for peace. Looking into the website at <Petitiononline> i found it suspicious that, while there was text in several languages asking people to sign in the name of peace, however there was not a real petition, goal or project mentioned. The only "real" thing were links to one of the "shops" at CafePress. I did some more research and found out that the "petition"/"shop" used names of non-existing organisations and used fake and unattended e-mail-addresses. I then informed CafePress on March 29 of my findings and my evidence that spam and deceit was used to get customers to one of their shops. I resent my message on May 14, with a note "Resending my message/complaint, please answer me." I never got an answer from CafePress and the deceitful shop is still on their website.

#16 Re: Mozilla Shop (Deutschland) vs. CafePress

by ryanbroken

Thursday August 21st, 2003 3:51 AM

that's cool. cafepress was the easiest for the price. i'm still looking for other means of getting the products up through a different source.

#6 Poster Art

by MacDaddy

Wednesday August 20th, 2003 12:22 PM

Just curious, but is that poster art available as an EPS?

#12 Re: Poster Art

by Jens_B

Thursday August 21st, 2003 2:02 AM

It is available as an Adobe Illustrator file (which contains postscript IIRC) via a link on (from the "Giant Lizard Attacks North Poland with Posters and Stickers" MZ story, August 5th). I made my print templates from this.

#17 Good shop!

by thorstenr

Saturday August 23rd, 2003 7:22 AM

I ordered a shirt on wednesday and today, on saturday, the stuff was in my mailbox. The shirt has got a good quality and looks cool.