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Sunday August 17th, 2003

If you haven't downloaded a Mozilla Firebird nightly build in the last few weeks, you may be surprised to discover how many enhancements the application has received. In this extended full article, MozillaZine takes a look at some of Firebird's more interesting recent improvements, including support for sidebar panels with webpage content and a selector for alternative stylesheets. Remember that you need to be using a nightly build and not a milestone release to see these new features in action. Refer to a resource such as The Burning Edge if you need help deciding which nightly to download and discuss Firebird with other followers of the project in our Mozilla Firebird forums.

#5 Re: Two comments (and a bit more...):

by alcatraz52 <>

Sunday August 17th, 2003 11:23 PM

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Some tiny things & general ideas that would make FB a completely awesome browser (mixed in with a response to you :))-

I think "Downloads" fits the plugin and helper application preferences well because you're downloading the media- .mov's are like mp3s (I have quicktime installed, which I *never* ever use except internally with FB). In my plugins list, there are things like AU, MIDI, MOV etc. that I choose to play in the browser with their respective plugins. Others might not. So it fits IMO ;)

One *annoyance* (also in 0.61) is in the bookmarks and history quicksearches: pressing enter in an empty quicksearch box removes all items from a list. In most Win32 apps you expect to press Enter to get a result. So either a "show all" button like in about:config is needed or pressing enter in an empty quicksearch should intuitively show all items again. For example, after searching for something (and pressing enter after typing), you might want to go *back* to the original list.

Think I should just stop pressing Enter? ;) But still it's annoying.

However I really dislike how long the context menu is seems too be edging toward billion-item Moz territory when you right click an image. If I'm wrong..good :) I'd love to remove the items that I don't need however I don't their IDs in userChrome.

On the context menu, I personally think "send page", "send link", "send image" etc. are useless features- why not put them in an extension? It would remove menu bloat for people who don't use it (a lot) and keep the Send-* people happy. You can just right-click->copy link location & open a compose window anyhow. But if I could turn it off.. :)

The Moz sidebar in FB? That would be nice. I think FB should have the icons to switch the sidebars in a miniaturized state where the sidebar title is. A bit like Opera's Hot List buttons but icons.

Example ('xuse the obviously edited alt text): [img="<>"]

The good thing about this- if it's even possible- is that extension authors who write sidebars for FB can have their icon appear here among bookmarks, history etc. However there's the problem of too many icons in that row so customization like in the toolbars might be in order.

About Moz's search sidebar...I think it would be much more intuitive for it to open *without* opening a duplicate of itself in the same tab. So I could keep the search results open in the sidebar and just click normally on an item which would open in the same tab. I don't have Moz installed so I can't grab a shot...but I hope you get what I mean.

And there's a world outside Google? ;)

Options..I like em! General seems too sparse. I think it would have been better to stick the tabbed options that are in advanced under the subtitle "Tabbed Browsing" like in 0.61. And remove the security options from Advanced, *why* turn em off anyway? I don't really understand the accessbilty caret thing, but that's ok cuz it's advanced ;)

The Web Features icon looks a bit dull..I liked it in 0.6 (I think) where it had little red lines, triangles, and circles in it. Just gave a bit more life but it really doesn't matter.

Moving Fonts & Colors into Web Features was a good idea though Web Features general busy-ness makes General seem *too* sparse.

Pipelining options should be in Advanced with a warning that it might not work on some servers (since IMO tabbed browsing is in General). Type Ahead Find as well. (just looking through about:config for things that aren't *too* geeky but a newbie would like to have control over). Maybe the option to have those mini javascript-opened windows minimize/resize/location (dom.disable_window__open_feature.*) features in Advanced? It's a bit annoying not being able to resize those..though it might turn out to be too geeky. I really hate not having control ;)

And there's my rambly contribution :) Great work guys, especially if it's kept someone like me using FB since Novemeber- I am so picky about little things.