Full Article Attached Rapid Pace of Development for Mozilla Firebird

Sunday August 17th, 2003

If you haven't downloaded a Mozilla Firebird nightly build in the last few weeks, you may be surprised to discover how many enhancements the application has received. In this extended full article, MozillaZine takes a look at some of Firebird's more interesting recent improvements, including support for sidebar panels with webpage content and a selector for alternative stylesheets. Remember that you need to be using a nightly build and not a milestone release to see these new features in action. Refer to a resource such as The Burning Edge if you need help deciding which nightly to download and discuss Firebird with other followers of the project in our Mozilla Firebird forums.

#16 If your willing to go unofficial

by jrobbio

Tuesday August 19th, 2003 5:03 AM

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Try jtalkington's unofficial nightly builds here: <http://forums.mozillazine…org/viewtopic.php?t=19309> The one for the 17th is out now.