David Baron's CSS Tests

Sunday February 7th, 1999

Kevin Berkheiser has sent in a link for those of you who are interested in the CSS progress in Mozilla. David Baron has, I believe, submitted the largest number of CSS bugs in Bugzilla, and has done an amazing amount of testing of the CSS code. David's site has a list of the bugs he has currently found in CSS test suites and his own hand-rolled tests, as well as lists of the current Bugzilla bugs he has submitted. It's quite an impressive feat, and I highly recommend that you bookmark this site if you have any interest in Mozilla's CSS progress.

#4 Microsoft Patent and CSS

by David Baron <>

Wednesday February 10th, 1999 1:11 PM

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I think Microsoft is unlikely to be able to enforce this patent with respect to CSS. I'm not a patent expert, but I would think that either the patent is very limited and doesn't apply to CSS or it will be revoked by the patent office (I've heard that that can be done).

If Microsoft tries to sue to enforce the patent and the patent office doesn't step in quickly to remedy the situation, then they could, with their large resources, hurt other companies. However, I doubt this will happen.

Oh yes, and, ummm... wow. I'm in a headline...