David Baron's CSS Tests

Sunday February 7th, 1999

Kevin Berkheiser has sent in a link for those of you who are interested in the CSS progress in Mozilla. David Baron has, I believe, submitted the largest number of CSS bugs in Bugzilla, and has done an amazing amount of testing of the CSS code. David's site has a list of the bugs he has currently found in CSS test suites and his own hand-rolled tests, as well as lists of the current Bugzilla bugs he has submitted. It's quite an impressive feat, and I highly recommend that you bookmark this site if you have any interest in Mozilla's CSS progress.

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by KiwiGuy

Tuesday February 9th, 1999 9:34 PM

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Mmm ... exactly what I was thinking . I always thought that if a technology / thing was in common use , it could not be patented (because it is not "new" or novel any more). The US Patent Office would seem to see things differently ...:-( CSS was widely used before the patent came out a week or so ago. How can you patent something that everyone already knows about ??? If M$ *really* want to be rid of the competition, maybe they should just patent air and be done with it .....