Microsoft No Longer Developing Outlook Express

Thursday August 14th, 2003

Several people wrote in to tell us that Microsoft is not doing any new development work on Outlook Express, the company's free mail and newsgroups client, which is bundled with both Internet Explorer and Windows. The emphasis for home users will now be placed on Hotmail and MSN, while corporations will be reminded that they should have been using Outlook all along. Many MozillaZine readers have noted the opportunity that this presents for Mozilla Thunderbird, the Mozilla project's standalone mail and newsgroups program. While the first milestone of Thunderbird has only recently been released, the application is based on the mature codebase of the Mozilla Application Suite's Mail & Newsgroups component. Microsoft's cancellation of further Outlook Express development follows on from the company's announcement that it will offer no further upgrades to the standalone Windows version of Internet Explorer and its decision to end development of IE for Mac OS X.

Update: J. A. Prufrock wrote in to tell us that Microsoft is now saying Outlook Express will continue to be developed after all. Microsoft's about-turn in its public statements is nothing new: shortly after the news broke that there would be no further standalone versions of IE for Windows, the company stressed that it was in fact too early to discuss its long-term plans for the browser.

#34 Changing email client also means changing habits

by max_headroom

Friday August 15th, 2003 7:41 AM

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I switched from Netscape 4.? to Opera ~when Netscape 4.72 came out because it was buggy and slow. I switched from Opera to IE/OE when I started to use newsgroups because Opera sucked when dealing with newsgroups.

IE/OE were fine until I started to get annoyed of not seeing my newsgroup postings and of having to define complex filtering rules to get rid of Spam. I was also missing the TABbed browsing I had when I tried Opera so...

I switched to Mozilla ~2 months ago and am more than happy with its anti-spam engine and its excellent newsgroup behaviour. Yes, I found it weird to see all my accounts (about 10), each with its own Inbox, Trash, Sent, ... in the left pane, but I'me getting used to it. The same could be said about the other "features" you're talking about: you just have to get used to the new look and feel.

You can't have everything. You have to make compromises and weight the value of each features. Personally, I put anti-spam up top, ease of use next and the rest after. I find Mozilla quite stable, fast and user friendly. I appreciate to have the same integrated client on both my Windows and Linux boxes and you can't beat the feature/price ratio !