New My Netscape Channels

Sunday February 7th, 1999

Seth Spitzer, who is actively developing channels for My.Netscape (he implemented the mozillaZine channel, available on the navbar at right) has some new channels for Mozilla developers.

From Seth: "You can now add the bonsai and tinderbox channels to your page. Go here to add the tinderbox page, and here to add the bonsai page. The first line of the bonsai channel is always the tree status. (If it is open or closed). The lines that follow are sorted by # of changes, not by name. Clicking on a name takes you to that person's changes. The tinderbox channel is sorted by fire, and then by name. Builds that are on fire always appear first. I hope you SeaMonkey developers find these new channels useful. Other not-well-known channels can be found here."

#1 Re:New My Netscape Channels

by John Gutierrez

Friday February 26th, 1999 9:26 PM

I would like to see News Now on my personal page. Specifically the "Technology" cagtegory. (