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Monday August 11th, 2003

The latest set of status reports includes updates from QuickNote, JS Console, HON, SmoothWheel, the Creating Applications with Mozilla book, mozdev and MultiZilla.

#1 Googlebar 0.7

by AndyB

Tuesday August 12th, 2003 12:12 AM

Forgot to submit the status report, but...

The Googlebar project ( ) has released version 0.7 as of August 7th ( ). From the release notes, this version includes:

* Users can now use the "unlock button positions" item on the context menu to allow them to drag and drop buttons to any desired location on the googlebar, in both Mozilla and Firebird.

* A new preference has been added to save the last search from our drop down menus. This will make the special searches and other menus function more like the "combined search button" in the Internet Explorer Google toolbar.

* The install script now supports localization.

* Power-users of the googlebar can easily add their own buttons via the googlebarextras files, simplifying the addition of extra non-google features without losing them when the user upgrades. We do not plan to make this a focus of development and support, but documentation is forthcoming.

* The "Up a directory" button can now be configured to skip slashes in the query strings of cgi scripts (see Bug 4056)

...Work on the next version, 0.8, is also well underway and can be followed via Mozdev bug number 4218 ( ); new experimental versions will be available soon. Also, the Googlebarl10n project on mozdev ( ) had begun to offer installable translations for version 0.6.17 and (soon) version 0.7, thanks especially to Alexander Pircher (who created and runs the project), John Woods (who once again tracked down locale install bugs), and the many people who have already translated the Googlebar into their own language (did you know there are two kinds of Norwegian? Go look!)

#2 Minor correction to GB status report

by AndyB

Tuesday August 12th, 2003 12:21 AM

As a side note, the link to bug number 4506 is incorrect; this is a Mozdev bug, not a mozilla bug: . I forgot that Mozillazine autoformats... a number of Googlebar bugs (including with preferences saving) have also been fixed, so the new version is worth the download even if you're not interested in the new features that we worked our fingers to the bone to... Ok, Robert/Bernd/John worked their fingers to the... but just download it. It's even on the mirrors. :)

#3 Correcting the corrections: A monty python moment

by AndyB

Tuesday August 12th, 2003 12:23 AM

That's it, one last time. The bug name is 4056, not 4506, and the link is .

I feel... accomplished. And tired.

#4 Future status updates

by Racer

Tuesday August 12th, 2003 7:04 AM

I was wondering if, in the future, it would be possible to give a 1-2 sentence brief description of each of the listed projects in a status update. This way, it is easier to evaluate if the given project could benefit us without having to click-through on every link to what is usually an extension with a very narrow user base.

#5 mozdev downloads

by an_mo

Tuesday August 12th, 2003 7:28 AM

why not release torrents as well? That will take some pressure off the server