MingGW GCC 3.3.1 Release Should Help Mozilla Firebird Optimization

Saturday August 9th, 2003

Brant Langer Gurganus writes: "For those Windows users building Firebird with the MinGW system, there is good news. MinGW now has a candidate 3.3 release of GCC available. That means those optimization bugs should go away. We can finally have an optimized build on Windows." Henrik Gemal has a page explaining how to build Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows using MinGW and other non-Microsoft tools.

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by webgremlin <>

Sunday August 10th, 2003 7:54 PM

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It's good etiquette to share the answer you find to a question that you post. Replying to your own post to give the appearance of general interest or to bump it back up to the top of a list (for forums that sort by most recent post) is rude.

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