MingGW GCC 3.3.1 Release Should Help Mozilla Firebird Optimization

Saturday August 9th, 2003

Brant Langer Gurganus writes: "For those Windows users building Firebird with the MinGW system, there is good news. MinGW now has a candidate 3.3 release of GCC available. That means those optimization bugs should go away. We can finally have an optimized build on Windows." Henrik Gemal has a page explaining how to build Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows using MinGW and other non-Microsoft tools.

#1 I know this won't be easy to answer, but...

by tseelee

Saturday August 9th, 2003 9:33 PM

Reply to this message there anyone willing to venture a wild guess about when it'll be possible to build a non-debug, optimized version of Thunderbird with open-source tools? I assume from Henrik Gemal's non-mention of such a possibility that it's not doable right now. Thanks.

#2 Why?

by krishy

Sunday August 10th, 2003 5:02 AM

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Apart from the fact that is is cool is there any other reason that I can try out building on my PC? Are there some optimizations/tweaks that I can do when I build that are not present in the stock that I download from

Thx, kris

#3 Why?

by krishy

Sunday August 10th, 2003 5:05 AM

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Hee, hee I know bad manners replying to own post:=)

Saw that the article DOES mention some nice hints for turning on optimization.

#4 Re: Why?

by tseelee

Sunday August 10th, 2003 11:29 AM

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Really, it's bad etiquette? If so, would someone else please confirm? I've always thought it only meant I was asking a stupid question. ;-)

#5 Re: Re: Why?

by webgremlin <>

Sunday August 10th, 2003 7:54 PM

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It's good etiquette to share the answer you find to a question that you post. Replying to your own post to give the appearance of general interest or to bump it back up to the top of a list (for forums that sort by most recent post) is rude.

-wg <><

#6 Conjecture?

by cls

Tuesday August 19th, 2003 3:09 PM

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Considering the errors that are popping up on the tinderbox when using gcc 3.3.1, I have to wonder if anyone bothered to validate the statement in the storyline before posting it. The build fails early on in xpcom due to a change in the auto-import behavior so how do we know that the optimization bugs that were being hit (presumably in bug 203137) were fixed? <http://tinderbox.mozilla.…20.1957.gz&fulltext=1>

And FWIW, it's possible to get an optimized build using previous versions of mingw gcc . Just using --enable-optimize without any funky options should work fine.