Compaq Resumes Netscape Bundling

Thursday February 4th, 1999

Joel Caris writes, "This article says how Compaq has resumed bundling Netscape with many of its PCs."

Well, interesting news, but Compaq's motives are definitely in question. Are they doing this for their customers' benefit, or for the benefit of MS in their ongoing antitrust trial (which, BTW, they botched yet again today)? Is it coincidence that Compaq's senior vice president John Rose will be testifying in the case in a few weeks' time?

#4 Re:Compaq Resumes Netscape Bundling

by Mister Palomar <>

Friday February 5th, 1999 8:50 AM

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The Compaq deal's timing circumstance makes it definitely suspect--though I think it's a good thing Communicator is back on the desktop in Windoze. How long this will last remains to be seen. (Gateway and NEC may be differently motivated . . . .)

Frankly, I'm utterly disgusted with the whole trial business. It's too ridiculous . . . . It is so obvious that Microsoft is going to lose--or win but only by default (as they have "won" virtually everything from OS market-share to users' mindshare) on some technicality (for instance by pissing off the judge so bad he fumbles the proceedings--and Jackson has been known to do this on occassion . . . ). They certainly won't win by a just decision.

BTW, I don't recall if this has ever come up at mozillaZine before but the San Jose Mercury News online has a really good section for Microsoft Trial coverage at


It's much less chatty than the Register and Rich Gray's commentary is very good.