Compaq Resumes Netscape Bundling

Thursday February 4th, 1999

Joel Caris writes, "This article says how Compaq has resumed bundling Netscape with many of its PCs."

Well, interesting news, but Compaq's motives are definitely in question. Are they doing this for their customers' benefit, or for the benefit of MS in their ongoing antitrust trial (which, BTW, they botched yet again today)? Is it coincidence that Compaq's senior vice president John Rose will be testifying in the case in a few weeks' time?

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by JCaris <>

Thursday February 4th, 1999 4:33 PM

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Unfortunately, being the cynic that I am, I think Compaq's motives behind the bundling of Netscape is to help out Microsoft, as they are one of the only companies willing to testify on behalf of MS. However, it means Netscape is coming with the computers, and that is important. Now, we need to see some Netscape deals in which Communicator is made the default browser. Hopefully, version 5.0 and the backing of AOL will create some momentum that will lead to such deals. I can hope, at least.

On a side note, is anyone else as incredibly amused with the last few days of the MS trial as I am? The whole deal with the video just makes me smile . . .

Joel Caris