Citibank Online Now Compatible with Mozilla

Wednesday August 6th, 2003

dave writes: "Not sure if this counts as newsworthy, but: Bug #57074 — Citibank's online banking denies access to Mozilla — has finally been resolved as FIXED after 2 and a half years! Thanks to Citibank for persuing Web standards as part of their online strategy. You can access their online banking portal here."

#13 JVM changes

by leafdigital

Thursday August 7th, 2003 2:51 AM

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The JVM is entirely different.

Netscape 4 used a built-in Java 1.1 JRE with Symantec JIT compiler (if I recall correctly).

Mozilla/NS6+ use current versions (1.3+) of Sun's own JRE.

Any Java issues are therefore really to do with Sun, and have nothing to do with Mozilla. The same issues will affect Internet Explorer if you install Java 1.4 from Sun's site. (You can turn this off in IE and let it go back to using its own internal MS JRE if you like, there's an option in preferences.)

For example, my bank's applet works fine in current JRE versions... except that all the text displays as ? symbols. A bit hard to deal with when you have to know which of the five possible security questions it's asking... :)

The appropriate solution is for banks to ensure that their applet works correctly under the current Java version (1.4.2) and not just in the six-year-old 1.1 version that shipped with legacy browsers. But I can understand why they may have been a bit lax in this, and Sun do deserve some of the blame because Java isn't as backward-compatible as it ought to be. (I.e. 1.4 JREs should be able to run all code written for 1.1 JREs really, but in practice they only run *almost* all of it.) Of course it is also possible that the offending applets were poorly written and relied on undocumented features, in which case it's not really Sun's fault after all, but I wouldn't bet on that.