Citibank Online Now Compatible with Mozilla

Wednesday August 6th, 2003

dave writes: "Not sure if this counts as newsworthy, but: Bug #57074 — Citibank's online banking denies access to Mozilla — has finally been resolved as FIXED after 2 and a half years! Thanks to Citibank for persuing Web standards as part of their online strategy. You can access their online banking portal here."

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by janahan

Thursday August 7th, 2003 1:31 AM

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Natwest OLB DOES work wih Natwest. Its just a silly Useragent detector that prevents it. You can fool Netwest into thinking you are using IE using the prefs bar (first access the page using Mozilla in non spoofed mode, so that Natwest will realise there is a demand for access via Mozilla)

Netscape 4.x also can access the site.

The current reason that Mozilla is not allowed, is because they havent tested the security model (a flawed arguement).

But it does work, and i use it often.