Full Article Attached Microsoft Patents Style Sheets and Butt Hinge

Thursday February 4th, 1999

Microsoft has received patents for "Style sheets for publishing system", and for "Butt hinge with integrally formed butt straps"..

It was mighty kind of Microsoft to get the input of the development community before taking everything for themselves. I guess that everyone should just feel glad that Microsoft let them participate at all.

Thank you, Microsoft!!!

For those of you who think that Microsoft couldn't possibly be referring to CSS, just click Full Article below to see their list of references.

#14 The People vs. Microsoft

by macpeep

Saturday February 6th, 1999 12:13 PM

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I can't help but wonder why it is that people seem to think that everything that isn't Microsoft has to be ANTI-Microsoft.

Time after time, when something bad happens which can be attributed to Microsoft, there's name calling (M$, MickeySoft....) and talk about how Bill Gates is the Great Satan.

While it's a bit odd that Microsoft would patent style sheets, what's *REALLY* odd is that they were GRANTED this patent. This seems to be totally forgotten in the discussions.

Please, at least TRY to be objective!