Michael Robertson Says Supports Mozilla Financially

Wednesday August 6th, 2003

Mart Rootamm points us towards an interview with CEO Michael Robertson, in which the outspoken entrepreneur states that his company is a financial supporter of the Mozilla project. Robertson says: "When it comes to supporting the open-source community, we're good about putting our code back into the open-source initiative. We're also financial supporters of many of the popular initiatives — Debian, KDE, Mozilla, Wine. We contribute real dollars to them. I would contend that the Linux community needs companies that are profitable, so they can keep funneling money into these organizations and encourage them to keep improving their product."

#7 Re: Yeah, and that will happen...when?

by mesostinky

Thursday August 7th, 2003 10:04 AM

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"There is this aversion to anything connected with a profitable corporate entity. "

Don't be stupid. Corporate entities donating both resources and employees to opensource projects has been going on for years now. Need I even point out IBM and SUN or maybe even Apple? There has always been and always will be deep connections between the two.

"Until that changes, the Open Surce community will continue to suffer and languish, unappreciated in the commercial sector."

Yes were all just suffering and lanugishing here. *Yawn* Yup, there are NO "commercial" companies involved in opensource... Go spread your uninformed FUD elsewhere.