Giant Lizard Attacks North Poland with Posters and Stickers

Tuesday August 5th, 2003

Simple but striking red-on-white posters featuring the red lizard appeared on the streets of North Poland szczym writes: "Because of the many upcoming conferences of the IT industry in our region (north Poland), we decided to promote the Mozilla Organization directly on the streets with posters and stickers. Photo documentation is here."

#23 Re: what the ...

by oceans80

Wednesday August 6th, 2003 6:25 AM

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Absolutely this reminds me of people protesting about Shell (yes they have done wrong things). I know MS (XBox) this type of advertisment in my area but I guess people are trying to promote this open source programme as being professional (since I guess we are trying to sell to corps.)

Should be some professional streamlining where our advertisement is the same and conforms with some Mozilla foundation standard. I guess as an end user I have seen many variations of the "dragon" (sorry don't know the name)