Giant Lizard Attacks North Poland with Posters and Stickers

Tuesday August 5th, 2003

Simple but striking red-on-white posters featuring the red lizard appeared on the streets of North Poland szczym writes: "Because of the many upcoming conferences of the IT industry in our region (north Poland), we decided to promote the Mozilla Organization directly on the streets with posters and stickers. Photo documentation is here."

#19 great idea!

by leafdigital

Wednesday August 6th, 2003 4:02 AM

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go mozilla graffiti :)

The great thing is that because the mozilla foundation has no connection with any of these people (unlike the other instances people have been talking about where it was an actual corporation paying for the campaign) this is actually *genuine* underground marketing. just people doing it because they love mozilla.

Nobody's going to sue mozilla - how could they ever hope to win? It's like if I went out and tagged a bunch of walls 'IBM', nobody can sue IBM for it. I have nothing to do with IBM. It's not their fault.

I think it'd be great to see people spraying stencils onto subway trains etc. :>