Jazilla Milestone 2 Released

Monday August 4th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Jazilla Milestone 2 has been released. The Jazilla project aims to rewrite Mozilla in Java. Check out the Jazilla M2 Release Notes and Changelog for more details and download a Jazilla binary from The next milestone, Jazilla M3, will feature a major rewrite of the renderer code.

#9 Re: Re: *zilla

by mcbridematt

Tuesday August 5th, 2003 7:51 AM

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Its not completely from scratch. The XUL part is forked off jXUL and cannot render HTML components. (not yet anyway). All it does really is create Swing components from XUL and allows the developer to control them from JavaScript. But it is around ~60% compatible with Mozilla.

The HTML engine is from scratch, however. It goes back to 2000 when Andy Trip and Matthew Schmidt created it. It was later forked and refactored by the NetBrowser project and now its back with us :). The only problem is that it lays out tables as if it were a Swing app.