Jazilla Milestone 2 Released

Monday August 4th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Jazilla Milestone 2 has been released. The Jazilla project aims to rewrite Mozilla in Java. Check out the Jazilla M2 Release Notes and Changelog for more details and download a Jazilla binary from The next milestone, Jazilla M3, will feature a major rewrite of the renderer code.

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by mcbridematt

Tuesday August 5th, 2003 2:22 AM

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* Netscape had a go at doing the same thing. (JavaGator, officially codenamed Xena or Maui depending on who you asked. The project failed in the end, with only the MailNews component - Grendel, and the JavaScript engine[2] being released as open source) * We use XUL for the UI. Infact, the Jazilla GUI is just a hacked SeaMonkey port. * Our renderer should behave the same as Gecko. We don't care how KHTML/Opera/IE/whatever does it, if Gecko gets it wrong, we should get it wrong too.. No arguments will be entered in to on how Jazilla should render a page as compared to anything other than Gecko. * Java lacks a standards-compliant renderer. i.e JTextPane can take CSS from a style="" attribute. But not from a style tag. Jazilla, as of M2 Beta, is able to take CSS from both[1]

[1] Restrictions, i.e the tag which the stlye applies to apply. [2] Netscape needed a JS engine for JavaGator. But in the end, executives "forgot" that it existed

To be honest... I didn't expect the release to make news on MozillaZine.