Jazilla Milestone 2 Released

Monday August 4th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Jazilla Milestone 2 has been released. The Jazilla project aims to rewrite Mozilla in Java. Check out the Jazilla M2 Release Notes and Changelog for more details and download a Jazilla binary from The next milestone, Jazilla M3, will feature a major rewrite of the renderer code.

#10 Re: I guess this is for people

by mcbridematt

Tuesday August 5th, 2003 7:56 AM

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Chances are you have used a Java app disguised as a real one. LimeWire is an example. MacOS X runs Java apps as if they were native ones (Java is listed as a GUI toolkit for that platform).

The only problem is a lack of a good native Java compiler. gcj is getting better, but it isn't complete yet.

As for the "who think that Mozilla is just too fast" comment.. well maybe. I ran M18 and Netscape 6 when I had a 233MHz Cyrix MII, and I don't think Gecko was slow back then.