Experimental Mozilla Firebird Builds Available

Saturday August 2nd, 2003

Two experimental builds of Mozilla Firebird have been made available to help test some new enhancements. The first build, available for Windows and Linux, introduces some improvements to the Password Manager backend, such as always encrypting saved passwords. Backing up your existing passwords file is strongly recommended before trying this build. See Brian Ryner's post to the Firebird Builds forum for more details about the Password Manager build.

The second experimental build, available for Windows only, features enhancements to the download handling and helper application functionality, with changes to make it easier to specify how different file types are handled. Ben Goodger's post has more information about this build and its download improvements.

Both builds can be downloaded from Do not report bugs in these builds to Bugzilla; instead add a message to the relevant topic in the Firebird Builds forum.

#14 Splash Screen?

by aaron

Tuesday August 5th, 2003 10:03 AM

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I notice that it shows a splash screen! And you can customize it with mozillafirebird.bmp in the exe dir. But..... on my xp machine, the program crashes before the browser window loading up.... anyone else having this problem? Even tried it on a fresh profile and got the same results.