MozillaZine Interviews Asa Dotzler

Friday August 1st, 2003

Linux newbie help site has an interview with staff member Asa Dotzler. In the feature, Asa discusses how he got involved with the project and talks about what the new Mozilla Foundation means for the project.

#1 That is encouraging

by jgraham

Sunday August 3rd, 2003 1:18 PM

I'm quite encouraged to see that Asa has voiced a lot of the thoughts that I had regarding the issues that will be important to encourage the future adoption of Mozilla. In particular, the importance that XUL, and the ability to replace web applications with remote XUL, particuarly on company intranets. This is something that we should be really pushing - the ability to use the same backend systems as current web apps, but to get an application-like user interface, with all the usability benefits that entails and retain all the cross-platform benefits that have traditionally been assosiated with an html front end. Moreover, an XUL based application will use many of the same skills that the web-team in organisations will already have. This should make XUL an attractive proposition and give companies a real reason to switch away from internet explorer. Moreover, one people are subjected to an alternative browser, they are much more likely to try it at home as well. That also applies to applications such as Bugzilla - Bugxula is a step in the right direction, but it's still harder to use than the web interface*. Once it's cleaned up, the bugzilla people should be shipping bugxula with bugzilla itself, and encouraging people to use that as the 'default' interface. I also notice that Asa and Ben are looking to get an XUL frontend to moveabletype, which, if it works at least as well as the web interface, should provide an excellent demonstration of some concrete benefits of Gecko based browsers over the competition.

*Or was last time I tried it.