eWeek Predicts Mozilla will Challenge Internet Explorer

Monday July 28th, 2003

In his latest opinion piece for eWeek, Jim Rapoza tackles a favourite topic of tech columnists recently: are the Browser Wars coming back? Rapoza thinks that they are and says Microsoft's recent decision to only provide enhancements to Internet Explorer via Windows upgrades could leave an opening for alternative browsers. Mozilla, Rapoza argues, is well-placed to take advantage of this opportunity with its up-to-date and innovative technology.

#70 Turning away 90+% of visitors is unacceptable

by jgraham

Wednesday July 30th, 2003 1:59 PM

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The fact is that ~100% of pages work with IE. Because, every page has to work with IE, otherwise it looks wrong for 9/10* visitors. Consequentually, every page does work with IE, even though it has, compared to any other current release of a graphical browser, lousy support for relevant standards. Web designers might hate IE, but it's their job to produce pages that work in it.

To me, the strong standards support of Mozilla is a major consideration in the fact that I use it (I actually use the mathML support, for example), but it's very, very hard to use that as a way of 'selling' the browser to other people. In general, people have no interest in how or why websites work, only in the services they provide. From that point of view, it is difficult to recommend Mozilla above IE for normal use, particually as there are several products avaliable that provide browsing features such as tabs or popup blocking but use mshtml.dll as their rendering engine. That doesn't stop me trying to convince people to switch, but does make it harder to justify.

*subject to the exact content of the site, the demographic it appeals to and so on.