eWeek Predicts Mozilla will Challenge Internet Explorer

Monday July 28th, 2003

In his latest opinion piece for eWeek, Jim Rapoza tackles a favourite topic of tech columnists recently: are the Browser Wars coming back? Rapoza thinks that they are and says Microsoft's recent decision to only provide enhancements to Internet Explorer via Windows upgrades could leave an opening for alternative browsers. Mozilla, Rapoza argues, is well-placed to take advantage of this opportunity with its up-to-date and innovative technology.

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by napolj2

Tuesday July 29th, 2003 9:21 PM

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"Interesting that you use that figure. I wonder where you got it?" Wall Street Journal. If the figure is wrong then I apologize and I take back what I said.

"I wonder how impressive it sounds that they spend $800 million per year on R&D when you are aware that according to their SEC filings they spend $12 billion per year on advertising?" $800 million per drug per company. Big difference. I assume the $12 billion is for the entire industry.

"On average, a business which is making only a 6% profit on customer purchases not going to stay in business very long." My economics teacher told me that supermarkets only make a 0.5% profit.

"Cry all you want about how hard the drug companies have it; all you'll be doing is proving your gullibility... Comments like yours prove that spending 15 times on advertising what they do on R&D actually works."

Thank you so much for your courtesy. Listen, what I've been trying to do is defend capitalist economic THEORY from some of the common criticisms I hear of it and the "all corporations are intrinsically evil" attitude. If certain companies are IN PRACTICE fixing prices, hurting the competition to form monopolies, etc., then they should be prosecuted as criminals. I was only using the drug industry as an example because that was what someone brought up. Capitalism done right works. The monopolies or bad patents are bad for capitalism and should be eliminated/regulated.