eWeek Predicts Mozilla will Challenge Internet Explorer

Monday July 28th, 2003

In his latest opinion piece for eWeek, Jim Rapoza tackles a favourite topic of tech columnists recently: are the Browser Wars coming back? Rapoza thinks that they are and says Microsoft's recent decision to only provide enhancements to Internet Explorer via Windows upgrades could leave an opening for alternative browsers. Mozilla, Rapoza argues, is well-placed to take advantage of this opportunity with its up-to-date and innovative technology.

#15 Re: First browser on connection?

by bdsmedberg <>

Tuesday July 29th, 2003 10:44 AM

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If we really want mozilla (or firebird) to be the first browser people see when they connect to the internet, we need to promote the browser to ISPs. There are many mid-size ISPs who would probably love to ship mozilla as the default browser...

What makes it hard for ISPs is that customizing/branding mozilla is a royal pain. I did it for one ISP, and I had to manually alter (count them)... 110 files! The installer is the hardest part, because it uses hard-coded defaults in all sorts of crazy places... the GRE also makes it hard. What we need is a simple "client customization tool" like IE and Netscape have to make it easy and safe to customize the mozilla client.