eWeek Predicts Mozilla will Challenge Internet Explorer

Monday July 28th, 2003

In his latest opinion piece for eWeek, Jim Rapoza tackles a favourite topic of tech columnists recently: are the Browser Wars coming back? Rapoza thinks that they are and says Microsoft's recent decision to only provide enhancements to Internet Explorer via Windows upgrades could leave an opening for alternative browsers. Mozilla, Rapoza argues, is well-placed to take advantage of this opportunity with its up-to-date and innovative technology.

#10 not possible to compete at the feature level

by johann_p

Tuesday July 29th, 2003 5:39 AM

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what I mean by that is that features are currently nearly not relevant in the competition. All the generation 5 browsers have decent features and have become of age. Yes there are differences, big enough for me and a few others to choose Mozilla, but these are irrelevant for 99% (or more) of computer users. They go with what is there, what is preinstalled, what lets them view their favorite (non-standard, active-X) web pages. What I meant is that the marked share of IE is not based on its quality, but on Windows market share and the flocking bahavior of people.

The only way to change this *might* be to make Mozilla a "killer app", i.e. an application that not only differs in some features, but is something entirely. Basically Mozilla is just a reimplementation of an idea that is pretty old now. I have proposed a different approach several times, but most Mozilla developers are headed for a different road. There is no innovation that goes in the killer-app direction, but even worse, anything that might go in that direction is actively opposed by most drivers and believers in the "bloatless" religion. When Mozilla changes into three or more neat little standalone programs (FB, TB,etc) it will have lost its potential to become a killer app even more.