MozillaZine Reviews Current Mozilla Foundation Projects

Monday July 28th, 2003 is currently taking a look at the major Mozilla Foundation projects. The Mac OS X versions of the Mozilla Application Suite, Camino, Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird are all examined. All receive good reviews, except Firebird, which the reviewer compares to Internet Explorer 4.0.

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by WeSaySo

Monday July 28th, 2003 10:44 PM

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The Moz Firebird rating is not at all suprising, even for a 0.6 release. Moz Firebird on OS X is really a 0.1 release given how recently it came out. The UI has many issues that need to be fixed to make it be Mac like. In some places it tries, in some places it doesn't and in some others it only gets there halfway.