Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.6 Percent

Sunday July 27th, 2003

thelem writes: " have released their latest browser usage data. It's as expected, IE6 has made big gains at the expense of IE5, Netscape 4 has made losses and Mozilla and Safari have made gains." thelem adds that IE now has a global usage share of 95.4% (up 0.1 percentage points since February), Mozilla 1.6% (up 0.4 percentage points), Netscape Navigator 4.x 0.6% (down 0.4 percentage points), Opera 6.0 0.6% (down 0.1 percentage points) and Safari 0.25% (up 0.14 percentage points). "These figures show similar trends to those being reported by, although puts mozilla usage at around 2.2%."

#9 Who is "onestat"?

by watchman

Monday July 28th, 2003 12:20 AM

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Who is "onestat"? Is an authorized way of counting?


It seems they don't even know that Konqueror says "I'm IE" and also Opera does normally. Also Mozilla if you want to. So what are they counting?